Hi Andy,
I thought I should give you an update. I’ve been using the True Blue (Gun Oil) and Heater Grease exclusively on my Browning Citori XS Skeet gun for the last year. I’ve run around 15,000 rounds through this gun in practice and competition using mostly the Heater Grease. What I like is that the grease is easy to apply AND remove without causing a mess. When operating the gun, the grease stays where I put it and does not migrate back into the receiver where it could carry unwanted dirt and crud. When I’m done for the day, a quick wipe with a rag removes the lube before storage in the take down case. I apply new lube each time I assemble the gun to shoot it. The gun has shown no wear since using this grease, and the internal parts I lubed with True Blue (Gun Oil) continue to function flawlessly.
So far, it’s good stuff. Thanks for the samples (SS 2017). 3/15/2018
Stephan Waltz – S J Waltz Gunsmithing LLC

Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE is one of the best lubricants for firearms on the market today.  I am a gunsmith and avid hunter who has used a lot of different products trying to find the best lubricant for myself and my customers. We have been using Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE for about 9 months. I am so happy with this product that I have thrown out all others. This is the only Lubricant anyone would find on my bench at West Coast Armory and Bellande Custom. All of my weapons, the Gun Range Rental firearms now use TRUE BLUE. They all run smoother and cleaner than any other products we used. Customers that followed my recommendation to use TRUE BLUE have all come back with positive feedback and have switched. TRUE BLUE is now our best selling lubricant. We love their new cleaner also. I give this product a 10 out of 10. 1/8/17
Tyler J. Bellande
Bellande Custom / West Coast Armory – Bellevue, WA

True Blue has flipped the script with what gun oil we use here at Spectyr.  Frankly, we were stuck with what we always used and didn’t think to ever try something new.  Sometimes what’s old is simply just…old.  I don’t claim to understand all the new tech Brothers & Arms put into this stuff, but it shit works.

Don’t waste your time with anything else, True Blue is the thousand-dollar-dog of gun oils. 12/2/17
SIC Crew, Spectyr Industries Corp

Hi Andy. Started last week (11/1/17) using the (Heater) grease on the cranes of my shot revolvers and using the lube (Gun Oil) on my AR rifles…loving it. We get huge carbon build up on the cranes of our 686 pistols. It gets baked on, after trying the (Heater) grease it just wiped off easily. Also trying the lube on my STI race gun and my shadow in cold weather. Minus 6 celsius (21º F) tonight…gun was smooth as silk.

Kelly Abrams
DVC Gun Range – Vancouver BC

For my part, I have run the crap out of the oil in M-4 and Glock, and the grease in 1911 and .308) with no issues. I am still really impressed with the stuff.

N.C, US Army IDPA and PRS Shooter

I received a sample of Heater Grease and True Blue Gun Lubricant at SHOT (SHOW) this past January. I just wanted to follow up with how I feel it performs. I used the Heater Grease in my M1 Garand and M1 Carbine and it worked very well. The big test was in my rim fire race guns. I am part of the Tactical Solutions Shooting Team, and up to this point in the summer, I have gone through approximately 15,000 rounds of ammunition in my Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle and my Ruger Mkiii 22/45 in practice and competitions. I have been using Heater Grease in the X-Ring and it has run flawlessly. This is by far one of the cleanest lubricants I have ever used. I clean my weapons every 3 or 4 thousand rounds and the carbon and grime wipes right off. I have been using the Gun Lubricant in my 22/45 and like-wise have had no issue with operation. You have definitely hit a home-run with this combination. I make it a point to brag up your product to all my fellow shooters.
Jeffery Packer, MSG (Ret)
Executive Director/Chief Curator Idaho Military Museum

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSUToJehU69/ dsprinx commented: I’ve been using the True Blue and the Heater Grease since the guys at West Coast Armory (Bellevue WA) @westcoastarmory recommended it. It works amazingly well. I always used CLP since I was in the military but this is hands down a much superior product. I let it sit on some old neglected antique guns that were in bad shape and when I came back a week later to strip them down, every bit of crap just fell off. Now they’re operating like new. Love the Heater Grease on the slides of my semi autos. Everything seems to clean a whole lot easier since I’ve been using the True Blue.

Hi Andy,
Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I’ve now used the True Blue Gun Lube on my carry handgun, my range gun, one of my AR15s and an AK47. This stuff is great! Goes on smooth – The applicator is perfect! I immediately noticed a difference in the smoothness of the actions once the lube was applied. No awful scent either, which is nice. And there is not a need for a lot of the lube. It spreads very well and doesn’t leave a film. The bottle itself is great. Small enough to go in my range bag, and as I’ve already said – the applicator is perfect, especially when on the range and trying to apply lube to a gun with some dust on it. All around, I’m very impressed with the product. Thank you very much!
Tommy Watson
President – Modern Tactical

As Police Officers and Outdoorsman,  we depend on the proper function of our firearms more than ever.  We simply wanted the best possible lubricants available and we found it in Brothers & Arms True Blue Gun Lubricant! 

We received our first sample bottle of TRUE BLUE Gun Oil and Heater Grease on 3/10/17 and applied it to several of our handguns. We loved it right away! From the performance of both products to the convenient 1/2 OZ size bottle that can fit anywhere. The needle tip makes for a clean and easy application of oil to all areas.
Thin Blue Line Outdoors

I gave the samples to some of our officers and they had nothing but positive things to say about your product. Where can it be purchased ?
Sergeant Mark Meadows
Irondale Police Department

I did try the lubricant on both my pistol and rifle.  I was very impressed.  I like it a lot.  When we look to restock our cleaning supplies we will be taking a close look at it.  Thank you for reaching out, providing the info and being patient.
Chris Evans
Deputy Chief
MT Dept. of Corrections Probation & Parole Division Region IV-Billings

Hi Andy,
I did receive a bottle of your True Blue gun lubricant.  I have used it on a couple of my weapons and I like it very much.  Not too thick, not to thin.  Nice and clear lubricant indicating to me it’s of good quality and purity.  I’ll be going to your website to get a full size bottle and explore your other products.
Thanks again,
Sergeant Lon Shook
King County Sheriff’s Office

Hi Andy,
Yes I remember talking with you about your product. It has performed exceptionally well. My guys seem to like the Lubricant allot and have even said they will be looking into buying some for their personal use.
Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your product.
Sal Dominguez
Test & Evaluation Program Specialist Office of Secure Transportation

Great meeting you (Shot Show 2017)and thank you for the ride. You did a great job presenting your products which peaked our interest. With so many different gun lubes on the market wading through the hype and hocus pocus can be a daunting task.

I have only used your products on my Glock 19 by design to afford me a baseline comparison with my other firearms and products. I have been pleased with True Blue performance. My test while rudimentary I have found to be a good indication of its potential and long term use. What I have done is clean and degrease the entire pistol then grease my rail contact points and oil the rest of the gun. I only have about 1500 rounds through it at this point and have found it to be performing very well. The plan is to not add any more lube and see how long True Blue works until I have a perceptible decrease in performance. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your products and afford me an opportunity to exercise them.
Danel Jenkins
Precision Rifle Solutions

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