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Dumonde Tech products are a component to the performance of mechanisms and machines.

True Blue Gun Oil

Why does our Brothers & Arms® USA TRUE BLUE Gun Oil perform like no other? We are not new to the lubrication world. Dumonde Tech has a performance proven track record in the motorsports and bicycle industry with over 25 years of experience. No BS. Tried and Proven.

Our Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE Gun Oil has a very low coefficient of friction. Through Polymerization, our MRCC technology, it’s wetting ability, molecular plating of all surfaces, contact points, and moving parts through heat and pressure. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil will reduce attrition in high wear areas. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil does not need to stay viscous to stay on the contact areas (rails, slides ….) where it has polymerized. The microscopic plating, is not easy to remove which is precisely what you want. Does not build-up or create a sticky substance which inhibits smooth action of firearm components.

Don’t be confused by the high flash point of other brands. What they don’t mention is what occurs when their lube exceeds their flash point. They create their own carbon. Carbon is abrasive and increases wear. TRUE BLUE Gun Oil has significantly less carbon. As TRUE BLUE Gun Oil is introduced to heat, the flash point increase as the polymerization develops and the lube starts to become a solid. This is where the uniqueness of Dumonde Techs technology really starts to differentiate itself from all other brands.

TRUE BLUE isn’t part of the thick v thin debate. If a lube runs out and makes a mess, you have over applied! If you feel you need to over apply because the performance diminishes to quickly, you need Brothers & Arms TRUE BLUE Gun Oil.

What do our users say? Read their Testimonials

  • Odorless. We don’t smell good or bad.
  • Cold temperatures or high heat has little to no effect on performance.
  • Pour Point is -35ºf / -37ºc
  • Flash Point 575ºf / 301ºc (see paragraph above) As a solid 1100ºf / 593ºc
  • High corrosion protection for short and semi long term storage. For long term storage, we recommend our Heater Grease.
  • Water Proof. Protects against fresh water and salt water exposure directly or atmosphere.

Other Uses: Re-loaders, fishing reels, folding knives or a location a lightweight oil is needed.

Application: Follow the manufacturers recommendation on location and amount to use. Why other brands suggest to apply their lubricant “generously?” Because they need extra hoping to perform better and longer? Problem, blow back and running out making a mess. With TRUE BLUE Gun Oil, there is never a reason to apply generously. Period. Just enough, is enough. We have a small diameter needle to allow this.




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