Why is my chain dirty and wet after a ride?

Applying Dumonde Tech Bicycle Chain Lube (BCL) over another lube your chain can be dirty. This is due to the BCL being suspended by other lube (factory or any other), or over applied meaning too much or too often. For best results we recommend completely cleaning the chain with high quality solvent or strong degreaser. A common practice however, is to clean just the outside of the chain thinking the lube on the inner portion of the chain has be removed as well. Most likely there will be lube remaining in the pin and roller area of the chain. Dumonde Tech BCL will purge out the remaining lube which can make the chain slightly dirty. Wiping the chain before and after each ride, lessens the ability to attract dirt. The chain will become cleaner after each application. Generally 2-3 applications, becoming cleaner and lasting longer after each application. Still follow the instruction when to re-apply. By the Sound.

With Dumonde Tech no waiting is required. Apply (as per instructions) and ride. The heat and pressure is a catalyst for the polymerization process. Traditional “dry” lube require a waiting period for the carrier to evaporate, or you suffer from a wet chain which attracts dirt.

When should I re-apply Dumonde Tech?

Re-apply by Sound, not visual, time or distance. A good analogy on when to re-apply and what “sound” to listen for, “all you should hear while riding is wind and tires”. If the drive train is in need of lube you will hear it. If the chain is clean and quiet, enjoy the ride.

All lubes work better if the instructions are followed. However since “dry” lubes tend to have a short life span, over application is a common practice in hopes greater distance between applications. Over applying BCL either by to much, or to often, the chain will stay wet and attract dirt. Wipe down the chain with a rag. Again, Sound is the indicator and apply sparingly. Remember…….“One drop per link”.

Why did Dumonde Tech develop the new PRO X line of products?

Over the years we have had requests for our bicycle lubricants from many other counties around the world. Due to the VOC’s in our standard bicycle lubricants, we could not ship them by air and/or had country restrictions. We have been working on new technology, formulation and performance gains for several years and are now ready to introduce the PRO X Bicycle Lubricants line. With our MRCC technology applied, PRO X has upped the performance ante once again.

PRO X has 0 to >3 % VOC which allows Dumonde Tech to ship by air mail with no restrictions. PRO X performance has surpassed the performance of the bicycle lubes we have had for 18 years. Dumonde Tech PRO X is our latest great product.

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