Bicycle Lubricant Testimonials:

Thomas “The Hitman” Turner – Team Jamis

“While racing El Reto Del Quetzal in Guatemala, I used Dumonde Tech Lite formula exclusively due to the dry, dusty conditions. My chain, cassette and ring stayed amazingly clean and never squeaked. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance from my lube. Great stuff, I love this lube”

Lindsey Richter, Founder, Ladies AllRide

“We know firsthand that Dumonde Tech lubricants keep our bikes running properly because we put them through the ultimate test. We travel the globe teaching mountain biking. Whether we’re riding in wet sloppy mud in the Northwest or dry dusty trails in the desert, Dumonde Tech
lubricants keep everything running smoothly!”

Steven GravyWheels Gravenites, Service Mngr, Marin Bikes

“Marin Bikes demo fleet, proudly sports, for years; all Dumonde
Tech exclusively…awesome products! The finest in the WORLD!”

Terry Duran, Norco Bikes

“I am not sugarcoating it when I say
Dumonde Tech bicycle chain lubes are simply the best.
With Dumonde Tech, the improvement in shifting is noticeable.”

Forrest R. Carver – Bath Cycle & Ski and

“I was contacted directly by Andy from Dumonde Tech, but I was not interested to begin with, as at the time my philosophy was ‘lube is lube.’ After some serious persistence on Andy’s end, I finally tried the product. Astonishingly, it performed hands down better than the competition. Within a month, all of my shop employees and most of the ride group were using BCL. A majority of my customers happily pay $2.00 more for a 2oz bottle of BCL than for a liter of big-name chain lube.  Kudos to Andy’s persistence, it has improved both our drive trains and our margins.”

Chris Ragsdale – National Champion Endurance Cyclist – Regarding testing the formulas, PRO X

“After more then 10 years of using Dumonde oils I’m excited to say that they have made the best oils around even better. I’ve gotten the chance to test the new formulas (Pro X)over the past months and this stuff is great! The drive train is running cleaner for longer and producing great results, Thanks!”

Einstein Cycles

What We Like Wednesday: Dumonde Tech Chain Lube from our friends at Einstein Cycles. Everyone’s got their thing, but Dumonde Tech is the choice of our mechanics Nate and Dan. We asked the guys why Dumonde goes on most bikes we service-and our own.

The Reign of Terror – BMX Racing Team

“We love using Dumonde Techs Racing Lubricants for our BMX Racing bikes to keep us moving ahead of the pack! ” Thanks guys!!!

Gary Wolff – Professional Race Team Mechanic 1999 – Present.

“I have been using Dumonde Tech since 2001 and have found it to be the cleanest long lasting lubes available. We have put it through its paces in all conditions from desert dry to abysmal wet and mud with great success. We have many proven race wins to back up our faith in this product and will continue to use your products. Cheers to all your support over the years.”

Dave Seamons – Owner – The Boise Bike Wrench

I have been using and recommending Dumonde Tech chain lube since I got my hands on the green gold that smells like candy.  Andy DeVol’s knowledge and gift of gab helped to educate me to know the difference between simply oiling your chain and properly lubricating the harshest environment of the machine.  The drive train is what makes a bicycle the most energy efficient machine ever produced by man.  Dumonde Tech lubricants take that technology to the next level and actually protect and prolong the life of the disposable transmission of your bike.  Dumonde Tech products are superior to every lubricant I have ever used or know about on the market.

  • Dumonde Tech chain lube – Clean and easy to use! Chains, cassettes, chain rings and derailluers all get more miles working smoother and lasting longer. Cables and housing, derailluers, brakes, anything that pivots, anything that has friction they all simply work better and last longer when lubed with Dumonde Tech Lite. More miles of smiles!
  • Bike Wrench experience with Dumonde Tech Bio-Green  Chain Lube – Thus far I find it to be the best to other bio friendly produced lubricants available.  Overall performance is not as impressive as Dumonde Tech Original and Lite formulas. Does get sticky and takes a little more effort to clean off excess and build up between applications. Spending the extra time to clean and lube as per instructions makes all the difference and improves performance considerably.  I recommend Dumonde Tech Bio Lube to anyone that cares about what goes back into the trail and can follow instructions.
  • Dumonde Tech MR Grease – AMAZING!!!! ONE grease for ball bearings and suspension!!!  I use MR Grease exclusively on all suspension AND ball bearing overhauls! Pitted cones and rough suspension cured with one grease that not only works but works like NOTHING else. The best grease you can get your grease monkey hands on.
  • Dumonde Liquid Grease – The Boise Bike Wrench’s race day secret.  For the fastest rolling sealed cartridge bearings and rocket fast wheels clean out factory grease with Dumonde Tech Citrus Solvent and replace with Liquid Grease for bearings that spin without end.  Because of the unique characteristics of this grease it doubles as an air seal lubricant for suspension components that feel like butter, reducing “sticktion” and pesky premature leaking. Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease ROCKS so you ROLL!!
  • Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil – Over the years of using and working with Mavic wheels I have found it necessary to clean and lube the freehub body in excess of 3 times a year for some riders.  They have an reputation for developing drag and slow return when used at high mileage through the elements.  I have tried all the lubes recommended by Mavic and have found their recommendations to all need reapplication frequently.  All my customers that ride Mavic wheels I have used
  • Dumonde Tech Freehub body lube without a doubt the performance is much better. I have not had to re-lube ANY of the wheels since the Freehub Oil application, longest application used thus far 8 months. VERY IMPRESSIVE!
Thank you for making products that are clearly superior to others on the market.  Your innovation and dedication to making THE BEST products available for lubricating and cleaning our bicycles!

Shawn Brunner
Owner – Fresh Bike Service, Neutral Support for the Chain Buster Racing 6/12hr Endurance Events, Professional Mechanic featured in the Bicycle Maintenance DVD WRENCHED

“Hands down the best lube and bicycle maintenance products on the market. I’ve used just about everything over the years and no lube stands up to the Dumonde Tech line of products.  The Lite is super clean and great for most of the year here in the south, while the Original gives that extra bit of protection during the harsher riding times of year.  The Liquid Grease is probably the greatest product ever developed for bearing interfaces…  At the races I support and at the our shop – our riders continue to reinforce the high quality and positive performance they see when using to Dumonde Tech line of products.  My drive train has never shifted better, quieter, or more solid – that is why I continue introducing riders, shops, mechanics, and customers to this great product line.”

Brook Watts – Team Mechanic – Great Divide Brewing Cyclocross Team

For the last 4 seasons you have been supporting our Cody Racing cyclocross team with product and I have to tell you it’s great.

Dumonde Tech is the best thing for cyclocross season, the BCL makes it possible to run chains that don’t attract lots of dirt and grit. Clean up after each race is super easy. When I decide to do a “deep cleaning” the Dumonde solvent is great for cleaning all grit and lube then it’s a quick wash with soapy wash water, a re-lube with BCL and we’re back in business.  This is really important as “sand pits” have become a more regular feature in U.S. cross racing.

Brian Mullen – MtB Racer

Since I began racing bicycles I have always trusted Dumonde Original Chain Lube when I ride.  Especially in the northwest I need a lube that withstands the elements and lasts.  Dumonde provides a product that does so.  My shifting is incredibly crisp after applying the lube.  Also I have noticed longer chain life as well. Dumonde has the best quality bicycle chain lubricant and I would never consider switching to another product.

Coach Todd Parker – TP2 Racing, M.A., M.S. – Exercise Physiologist, Former Pro Triathlete, Cyclist, USA Cycling Coach, Endurance Sports Trainer, Strength Coach, and Personal Trainer.

I’ve ridden everywhere and in every condition, and Dumonde Tech is the best lube for bicycle chains I’ve ever used. Try it on your next ride, and you’ll never need anything else – light use, heavy use, on and off road!
Dear Andy, wanted to update you on Nationals this past weekend. September 2013
The night prior to the Gran Fondo Nationals, it rained rather heavily and steady til about 2 am.  So rather than use the Dumonde Tech Lite, I knew the Original would be more in order.  It was the right call, as I shifted smoothly throughout the grueling and partly wet course; and as usual, gave me a confident piece of mind and greatly aided my performance once again.
Tad Beckwith –
EcoSpeed makes high performance electric assists but we were, unfortunately, using a mediocre dry-lubricant. When one of our customers told us about Dumonde Tech we tried it on our own electric bikes and it made our chains so quiet I found myself looking down to double check that everything was spinning correctly. Spring rain and many puddles later and chains are still running silent and smooth. We will soon be including Dumonde Tech chain lubricant with every electric assist system we send out. Thanks!

Alan Lenhoff – retail customer since 2008

I started using your product two years ago, and my bike’s drive train has never been cleaner or quieter. It’s really hard to believe that a bike chain, which doesn’t operate at really high speeds or temperatures, would benefit from using anything beyond ordinary oil. The claims really sounded like hype. But my bike shop mechanic suggested it, and it does make a difference!

Dumonde Tech Bicycle Product Reviews Based off the Story and the Cons compared to all the other brands, ProX was the best over all.


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