Like all of our lubricants, Formula 5 Moto Cleaner is a performance based product. 100% Bio-Degradable. Non-toxic. Water Soluble. Eco Kind. Low Scent.

Our selective surfactants were designed to wet the surfaces to reduce surface tension to aid in cleaning motocycle, ATV’s and UTV’s of dirt, mud, organic compounds and hydrocarbons. Safe on all parts of the vehicle. Rinses Clean. Leaves no residue. No water spots. Long lasting performer and efficient in motorcycle ultra sonic and aqueous parts cleaners.

Designed to break down and flush away:

  • Dirt, Dust and Road Grime
  • Natural organic compounds
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Abrasions
  • Bugs

Most other brands which are generally less expensive for a reason, recommend to “use generously”. This is due to low strength and pour performing. Not necessary with Moto Cleaner. Over application or using generously is not needed. Spray on and let it do it’s work. Like our BHP Chain lube, using sparingly works just fine.

Available in 24oz ready-to-use Spray.
Economical Concentrate in quarts, 1/2 Gallon and Gallon.

California VOC Exempt. Prop 65 compliant.

This information is based on knowledge believed to be reliable and appropriate research and testing. It is offered in good faith, without guarantee as the use of this product is beyond control of the seller and/or manufacturer. The seller and manufacturer makes no warranty about the outcome of the product’s use. Read all directions and information before using as described.

Tested and Proven! Let us prove it to you.

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