Established in 1985 in Kirkland, Washington Duomnde Tech Racing Oils has become one of the leaders in lubrication development in high performance racing oils and lubricants for motorsport from karts, Indycar, Nascar, Bonneville Land Speed racing….. Local to global, we perform.

A few of Dumonde Tech’s key highlights:

  • Dumondes first product was a high temp clutch oil for Road Racing Karts which engaged and disengaged over 900 times per race.
  • Shortly after, the development of our other oils started seeing the success we had in out clutch oil. We knew what to do next.
  • Our “think outside of the box” is why we continually pushing of the performance envelope. We work with the best chemical companies in the world, but not in the same departments of everyone else.

Continually pushing the performance envelope, that’s why we have success at some of the world’s most brutal races such as Bonneville, Baja, Pikes Peak, and many more.  We are a major contributor in national and world championships from bicycles to Indy car. We are proud that we are the leader in MCR (micro compound reactions) research in lubricants.

Our racing oils have proven performance in all motorcycle clutch’s from standard clutch to auto clutch’s such as Rekluse. Our two-cycle oils are not like any other brands!! BHP chain lubricant, is BY FAR the best chain lube across any continent!

Service interval of engine and transmission are less due to the performance of our oils. In traditional wear areas using other oil brand, you can visually see less wear in those same area using Dumonde Tech Racing Oils.

Dumonde Tech was the first company to develop and two-cycle and four-cycle break in oil. We know how important Break-in is for the short and long life of an engine.

Rod Falkner and Dumonde Tech have set 60+ records at Bonneville Salt Flat from their 50cc Aprilia, the first 600cc motorcycle over 200 mph, first women over 200mph on a two wheels to records with Rick Yacoucci and Jack Costella’s Nebulous Therum Land Speed Car.

Tested and Proven


Performance Proven for 25 years.

Not your typical off the shelf brand.

Our development is out side the box.

The biggest brands, doesn’t mean their the best.


Tested and Proven! Let us prove it to you.

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