Dumonde Tech has been producing motorsports racing oils since the early 1990’s. Our premise was always been to “think out side of the box” (not a cliche!) in the development of new lubricants and oils.

Dumonde Tech is not just other oil or lubricant company. Working with special additive companies, top teams and racers, our diligence to develop the very best products has been proven time and time again at races worldwide. Tested and Proven!

Dumonde Tech Pro X line of bicycle lubricants were developed using our newly applied MRCC technology for the huge international market where shipping via air freight and air mail has restrictions. Because of the combustibility of our Standard line of bicycle lubricants, they cannot be shipped via air mail and air freight. For a period of time, like many other products, we could only sell Pro X in California due to very strict regulations. In 2016 they changed some of these restrictions but we still have our fans of this newest great bicycle lubricant.

Our Micro Resistant Complex Compounds (MRCC) continues development after 10 years. Originally developed for our motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection, reducing friction and increase in adhesion creating much higher film strength then common, traditional technology. Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. Our formulation is a “liquid plastic” through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. Does not build up. Does not become sticky or gooey.

Pro X has a <3% VOC meaning it is acceptable to ship via air around the world.

Our “Classic” line has been called the best lubricant on the market. Pro X meets or exceeds the performance of our “Classic” leaving us with two of the best performing products in the bicycle world.


“I have found Dumonde Tech to be the best chain lube on the market. I was skeptical my first introduction by the sales rep claims, but it has exceeded my expectations.”

“Other brands say they are the best, but I have tried them all and Dumonde has not failed me yet which the many I have tried at some point do.”

“Hands down the best bicycle lubes. No hype. No claims they haven’t backed-up. I love their chain lubes, Liquid Grease and Freehub Oil. I ride in the cold and have never missed a shift, freehub works perfect all the time. I have used Liquid Grease on my chain in nasty, slogging mud and had no shifting problems. Pretty impressive.”

Tested and Proven! Let us prove it to you.

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