Our Classic line of bicycle lubricants was our first venture into the bicycle lubricant market. Over time Dumonde Tech has become the leader in performance, longevity, durability in any riding conditions from the sunny and dry, the muck and mud extreme riding and racing mountain bike and cyclocross racing. Don’t pay attention to the claims of high watts report. It has a well proven flaw. We are not a 15 minute test product. Not sure how to use our chain lubes, read here.

Dumonde Tech Classic lubes have a proven long distance performer in all conditions. Does your lube last 400 miles between applications on your road bike in wet or dry conditions, and staying clean and quiet? Not what we’ve heard. Dumonde Tech bicycle lubricants JUST FLAT PERFORM.

Dumonde Tech is a component to the performance of your machine. Not just a lubricant!

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