Gear 9 Synthetic Automotive Gear Oil

Gear 9 Synthetic Automotive Gear Oil is a very high performance synthetic lubrication which is specifically designed for high pressures and loads in Manual Transmissions, Differentials and most Limited Slip Differential which create high heat that occurs during the extreme driving and racing conditions. Gear 9‘s exclusive GL5 formula maintains low coefficient of friction for the best performance in all conditions.

Like all of our oils and lubricants, Gear 9 was developed with exclusive compounds, base stocks, additive packages and formulas to Dumonde Design Group which make them perform above even the most publicized brands.

Gear 9 is an exclusive oil available to approved dealers, individuals and race teams.

For specific applications or questions please contact us. We are excited to help you.

Weight: 75w/80 and 75w-90. Lighter and Heavier weights are available upon requests.

Sizes Available: 75w/80, 75w/90 Gallon.



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