Moto Cleaner

Like our Racing Oil, Moto Cleaner is a performance based product. 100% Bio-Degradable. Non-toxic. Water Soluble. Eco Kind. Low Scent.

Rinses Clean. Leaves no residue. No water spots. Long lasting performer and efficient in motorcycle ultra sonic and aqueous parts cleaners (heated or cold).

Un-like other brands, if our Moto Cleaner dries, do not worry, it will not cause harm to the surfaces. Just re-wet, sponge or brush the area and rinse. Done. A very popular “bio degradable” …. Green cleaner if left on bare aluminum is known to cause corrosion and pitting to aluminum, and fade anodizing. Formula 5 will do neither!

USES: Refilling spray bottle. Our in-line hose Mixing Unit. Bucket. Small parts cleaning containers. Using hose end sprayer or pressure washer, you will experience sudsy, not foamy. Efficient in ultra sonic motorcycle parts cleaners and aqueous motorcycle parts cleaning tanks (cold or hot).

DIRECTIONS: After using Moto Cleaner always rinse thoroughly from all surfaces and dry completely. Bare metals susceptible to corrosion or oxidation treat with a metal conditioner. For chains, we highly recommend our BHP Chain Lubricant for proven performance over any other brand.

DILUTION RATIOS: Spray bottle or bucket –  Light duty: Dust and road grime – 15:1 ratio. Medium Duty: heavier dirt accumulation and drive train cleaning – 10:1 ratio. Heavy Duty: Heavy dirt build up and cleaning drive train of oily dirt collecting chain lubes – 5:1 ratio. Expect 15-21 refills of our 24oz Spray bottle per quart of concentrate.

Ultra sonic parts cleaner – 15:1 ratio. Aqueous parts cleaner – 10:1 ratio.

Tap water can be used, however, distilled water will improve cleaning action and reduce water spots when drying. Especially areas with hard water.

Dumonde Tech products are a component to the performance of mechanisms and machines!  25 years of lubrication experience. Proven performance in Motorsports, Bicycle and Firearms.

Available in: Quarts, 1/2 Gallon and Gallon.

California VOC Exempt. Prop 65 compliant.

This information is based on knowledge believed to be reliable and appropriate research and testing. It is offered in good faith, without guarantee as the use of this product is beyond control of the seller and/or manufacturer. The seller and manufacturer makes no warranty about the outcome of the product’s use. Read all directions and information before using as described above.



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