B4 4 Stroke Break In Oil

B4 Break-in Oil and proven process is developed for proper break-in on any Four Stroke engine. Recreational or Race, proper break in determines both the short term life and performance of all engines.

Dumonde Tech B4 is a very complex formula that allows proper ring seat, work hardening and impregnates parts with a matrix compound film to protect surfaces against lean periods and corrosion in part by modern fuels which are increasingly acidic.

Through research R & D, it has been found that a high percentage of these processes are not achieved with conventional oils. By not achieving these effects, performance and durability can be greatly effected.

Each bottle come with our proven break-in process.


  • Increased performance gains
  • Less engine failure
  • Greater cooling
  • Increased protection of parts against corrosion

Available sizes: Quarts and Gallons.



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