2 Stroke Break In/Storage Oil

Dumonde Tech Break In / Storage Oil – and our process, is a very complex formula that allows proper ring seat, work hardening and impregnates parts with a matrix compound film to protect surfaces against lean periods and corrosion. We were the first oil company to develop and market a specific 2 cycle break-in oil.

Proper Break-in of any engine, race or recreational, is most important in determining both the short term and long term life and performance of that engine. The break-in process requires the use of a specifically blended Break-in oil. Regular high performance lubrication should only be used once an engine is broken in. During the break-in process, the motor must achieve proper ring seat, work hardening and compound plating on all components. This is achieved by controlling the engine temperatures and not allowing to high of heat. To high of heat, working hardening will occur before full ring seat for example!! These process’s have to be achieved to protect the engine against lean periods, lack of lubrication, lubrication failure and protect again corrosion. High performance lubricants, even our own, do not allow this to occur. Dumonde Tech is a leader in engine lubrication and performance research, developed our Two Cycle Break-in / Storage Oil to achieve the best break-in possible for your engine.

Using Dumonde Tech Break-in Oil and our proven procedure, it is an inexpensive performance gain over other theories, unproven claims and using conventional oils.  Our proven complete break-in procedure is printed on each bottle.


  • Measurable proven increased performance gains
  • Less engine failure
  • Greater cooling
  • Increased protection of parts against corrosion
  • Used and recommended by legendary engine builders Arlan Lehman of LED and Tom Morgan Racing Engines

Available sizes: 4 oz, pint, Gallon



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