GP4 - 4 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

GP4 – 4 stroke motorcycle oil uses some of the the highest grade base stock along with our proven, think outside of the box, advanced chemical research additive package not used by other brands to blend only the finest additives to produce an oil that protects and cools the engine long after conventional 4 stroke oils have broken down. Less expensive oils use lower grade base stocks, less sophisticated additive packages to produce less expensive oils.

GP4 is a multi-blend synthetic specifically designed for four stroke street, road race motorcycles and dual sports which incorporate the same lubrication for the engine and transmission. On street bikes, load and rpm is what creates heat differently then off road motorcycles or atv. GP4’s additive package is different then our YAP400 and ATV4 to perform in this different environment. GP4 ability to perform against heat, it is a perfect oil for air cooled motors as well. This is important, because using other lubrication packages which are not specifically designed for this application, may damage engine or transmission components.

GP4 protects and cools engines. Eliminating pre-ignition which causes damage and performance lose.

GP4 combats the damage fuels do to the internals of the engines.

GP4 noticeably increases ease of the shifting of gears, eliminates miss shifts due to poor performing oils and prevents excessive clutch fade.


Availability weights: 10w-30, 15w-40. Straight weight 30w, 40w, 50w available upon request.

Available sizes: Quarts and Gallons



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