ATV4 4 Stroke ATV/UTV Engine Oil

Our ATV4 four stroke oil uses some of the the highest grade base stock along with our proven, think outside of the box,  advanced additive package not used by other brands to blend only the finest additives to produce an oil that protects and cools the engine long after many 4 stroke oils have broken down. Less expensive oils use lower grade base stocks, less sophisticated additive packages to produce less expensive oils.

ATV4 is a multi-blend synthetic oil specifically designed for High Performance four stroke sport quads, UTV and side x side that use the same lubrication for the engine and transmission. These application creates very high loads put on the crank and transmission bearings so heat is generated for this application. ATV4 additive package was developed for this environment which is different then our GP4 and YAP400 oils.  This is important, because using other lubrication packages which are not specifically designed for this application, may damage engine or transmission components.

ATV4 oil clings to vital engine components to protect and cool the engine under the most severe load or racing conditions. Eliminates pre-ignition that can cause upper end damage and poor performance.

ATV4 improves gear box shifting and eliminates clutch fade due to higher temperatures. ATV4 oil will protect highly stressed transmission parts that can be prone to failure if you modify your engine for more horsepower.

ATV4 has proven very good performance in auto clutches against oil break down caused by the heat they create.


Availability weights: 10w-30, 15w-40

Available sizes: Quarts, 1/2 Gallons and Gallons.



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