L111 Synthetic Two Cycle Racing Oil

Dumonde Tech L111 Synthetic Two Cycle Racing Oil is a Multi Latitude 100% Synthetic Lubrication for Premix and Oil Injection use that gives great performance and protection for recreational and high performance engines over other 100% synthetic is this category. L111 was originally developed the the Rotax Max Class Kart Racing catagory as spec oils are to be a full synthetic.

L111 is exceptional for performance and recreational vehicles which require the cleanliness and extreme protection of 100% synthetic lubrication. L111 is the latest technology oil designed for all around use. No re-jetting changes are normally not required switching from other synthetic oils to our L111. It’s called our “no brainer synthetic”.

  • Formulated for low and high ratio applications
  • Perform in extreme weather conditions hot or cold
  • Clean burning. No Carbon build up
  • A must for high revving 2 cycle engines
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Meets or exceeds API TC Requirements

Availability: Pints and Gallons

Dumonde Tech Racing Oils are National, World Championship and World Record Proven.



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