Z1/TCW Injector or Premix Oil

Dumonde Tech Z1/TCW Injector – Premix is a synthetic petroleum blend composite of the highest quality lubricants designed specifically for two-cycle applications. Z1 is can be used as a Premix and Oil Injection applications.  Exceed BIA/NMMA test standards for the TCW/TCWIII class.

Z1 is a very cleaning burning oil for a blend oil. As clean or cleaner then many “synthetics” on the market. No excessive build up on rings, piston top or power valves. Z1 is a No Ash formula like other OEM brands who “allow a certain % of ash to keep the parts clean”. Ash creates wear. Ash is not a beneficial byproduct to any engine longevity.

Dumonde Tech Z1/TCW Injector-Premix is one of our finest products in meeting and exceeding the requirements for which it was designed. Dumonde Tech’s focus on research and development has made it a leading innovator in oil and lubricants for high performance and recreational applications.

Mix Ratio: Mix in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel mix ratios and injector systems.

Availability: Pints, 1/2 Gallons and Gallons.



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