LWHS Transmission Oil

Dumonde Tech LWHS (Low Weight High Sheer) Racing Transmission Oil is an advanced synthetic blended oil specifically engineered to meet the demands of high performance racing engine transmissions. This superior multi-grade 75w transmission oil has an unmatched sheer strength for its weight and an exceptional thinness which allows fast and clean shifting in a broad temperature range.

High heat does not effect performance of LWHS as with other brands who offer several higher weights due to them losing performance as heat increases from ambient temps, loads and.or rpms. We have one weight that performs like no other. LWHS lasts longer between changes so time changing, disposal and purchasing is less often.

If your motorcycle or ATV experience notchy shifting or miss shifts due to hard shifting, LWHS can very possibly eliminate these issues.

  • easier shifting of gearbox
  • extended life of gearbox and clutch components
  • does not break down as fast
  • more consistent hook-up
  • higher bhp.
Availability sizes: Quarts and Gallons.



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