Racing Castor

Dumonde Tech Racing Castor is a modern oil based on traditionally proven castors. It is blended on the purest De-Gummed Ricinus Castor and performance oriented additives. Dumonde Tech Racing Castor is a demiurgic castor formula technologically designed to provide superior lubrication for two cycle engines with less carbon build up. Dumonde Racing Castor burns cleaner then other full castor oils.


  • Excellent for engines which are 50cc to125cc which consistently turn at high rpm’s, and air cooled two stroke engines.
  • Also for engines which have a history of seizure or heat problems mixes with most gasoline, alcohols and nitros.
  • All brands of castors manufactured may drop out of fuels when temperatures reach below 47 Deg. F
  • Mix Ratios: 16:1 to 70:1 average ratio 32:1

Note: Due to the many EPA changes in fuels there are increasing issues with separation of all Castor oils. Please check to confirm your oil has not separated before running your engine.

Availability: Pints and Gallons.



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