YAP 400 4 Stroke Offroad Oil

We start off by using one of the highest grade base stocks in the oil industry. We then add our proven, think outside of the box, additive package which shows in the performance and longevity of engine and oil break down. Less expensive oils use lower grade base stocks, less sophisticated additive packages to produce less expensive oil.

 YAP400 additive package is a specifically designed multi-blend synthetic for four stroke motocross and enduro motorcycles which incorporate the same lubrication for the engine and transmission. Off road motorcycle creates heat from the rider slipping the clutch for optimum rpm. This increase heat along with high rpms.

YAP400 out performs “synthetic” oils. This is extremely important because using other lubrication packages which are not specifically designed for this application, may cause wear and damage to engine or transmission components.  YAP400 protects and cools engines, eliminating pre-ignition which causes damage and performance loss.

YAP400 noticeably increases ease of shifting of gear box and eliminates clutch fade. Extends life of transmission and engine components.

YAP400 is a proven high performer in auto clutch systems against oil break down caused by the heat they create. YAP400 will increased clutch life in all auto clutch systems. YAP400 has been known to eliminated the squeal in an auto clutches.

Availability weights: 50w, 10w-30, 15w-40

Available sizes: Quarts, 1/2 Gallon and Gallons



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