Dumonde Tech Lite Bicycle Chain Lube Review

Product Description Incredably Accurate.




  • Builds on it self
  • Great ant repellant
  • Long lasting

  • Addicting smell
  • Tastes bad lol
    Best Uses

  • City bikes
  • Keep in the garage
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes

“First off, Great Product all around! The product description is remarkably accurate. A friend of mine, who owns a body shop, says the smell is polyurethane based which is what probably creates the bond to the metal to act as lubricant. On a completely unrelated side note, the smell is addicting and ants do not seem to like the lube, (funny story for another time.) LOL.

The little 2oz bottle should last about 8-10 good applications on a multi-gear chains. Time between NEEDED applications will widen after each application, and after the fifth or sixth application, you can actually wash the chain with soap and water with out degrading the lube’s performance. The lube stands strong against mudd, water, and muck. I use this lube on all my bikes but I can vouch confidently on mountain bikes as those take the most punishment. I ride every day (15~40 miles) and its been about a month since I last lubed them, however, none of my chains make negative sounds or show signs of ware. The sound of the chains changed to a smoother and quieter one as soon as I stared using this Lube. Although the lube’s bottle is rather bleak and inconspicuous coperatively to those found on the shelfs, the complete opposite is true when it comes to its contents. Worth every penny in my honest opinion. .X.”

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