Dumonde Tech – Rod Falkner

Rod Falkner is the scientist and racer behind all Dumonde Tech products. Dumonde Tech has multiple National and World Championship titles at some of the most demanding race courses in the world (Pikes Peak, Bonneville, Baja, to name just a few). Dumonde Tech develops eco friendly products that win races for both bicycle and motorsports. Whether you are an enthusiast or a racer looking for the next podium, Dumonde Tech has the products to win. What do you ride with?

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HGNR, Inc – Distributor

HGNR Inc. is based out of Portland, Oregon and has an established understanding of both bicycle and motorsports needs. HGNR, Inc is the distributor for all Dumonde Tech products. With key personnel as both racers and serious enthusiasts, they can help educate you on the best Dumonde Tech product for the situation at hand. If you are a dealer, please feel free to contact us for a free sample and "try it before you buy it". We are excited to talk to you.

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Dumonde Tech is proud to have some of the best bicyle and motorsports dealers in the world. In order to better serve you, Dumonde Tech has added a dealer locator to our website. Simple click on the link below, type in the city or zip code and the closest Dumonde Tech dealers in your area will be displayed. If you are having trouble finding Dumonde Tech products, please call us at 1-888-609-4467. We look forward to getting you the best Dumonde Tech products for you.

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