The Legends of the Road is a 4-person bicycle relay team consisting of the most decorated X Games athlete of all time, two multi-time AMA champion motorcycle racers and a 7-time US National Champion professional road cyclist. Dave Mirra, Micky Dymond, Ben Bostrom, and Dave Zabriskie join forces to race their bicycles from coast to coast in June 2014.

Four world-class athletes coming together to conquer the Race Across America (RAAM). 

The Race Across America (RAAM) is a 3000 mile transcontinental race considered the pinnacle of endurance cycling around the world. The race has been around for 32 years, and draws competitors from over 27 different countries.

Beginning in Oceanside, CA, relay teams have just 9 days to complete the race to Annapolis, MD. The racers experience the true Americana culture, landscape, and varying climates.

Using the new PRO X line of Dumonde Tech bicycle lubricants, The Legends of the Road team gave the new products rave reviews! The team would go on to win the elite RAAM.


The Legends of the Road RAAM 2014 Winning Team (L-R) Ben Bostrum, Mickey Dymond, Dave Zabriskie, Dave Mirra

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