Dumonde Tech Chain Lube Review

by Levi Bloom The Bloom Bike Shop

This is a technologically advanced chain lube. As you ride, this lube forms a low-friction, plastic plating that bonds to the chain and can’t be washed off.

Pros: This lube keeps the chain clean and running smooth for a long time. It could last for months, depending on how often you ride and in what conditions. It is a very thick lube, like a wet lube, but it goes on fairly dry. It’s great for mountain bike use in rain, wet conditions, and light mud.

And it smells very good.

Cons: The lube takes a long time to apply, because it is a lot thicker than other lubes like ProLink or even Dumonde Tech Lite. It will also pick up dust when used on dusty roads.

It is also the most expensive lube out there, on a “per ounce” basis.

The Final Word

This is hands down the best chain lube I’ve ever seen for rain and wet conditions. It even beats ProLink, which I loved for years! It’s expensive, but it lasts so long that it is actually a great value! (So you save time and money!)

If you are a mountain biker who rides in all weather, get this.

(Mountain bikers who ride dusty, dirt roads on a daily basis should use regular Dumonde Tech Lite Lube.)

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