Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 6 Time Champion, Greg Tracy, pilots his 555 Spider Grips Ducati Multistrada up Pikes Peak. Check out Greg Tracy’s blog site, http://www.mylifeatspeed.com .

This video showcases on board footage filmed with CONTOUR cameras, which Greg Tracy used for on board action. Take a ride on this Ducati motorcycle with GT!! Check out Greg Tracy’s site: My Life at Speed.com. In 2011, Greg Tracy would crash on the mountain. He returns in 2012 to reclaim the Championship title on Ducati. Other partners include: Spider Grips, Dumonde Tech, Race Tech Suspension, Area 51 Motorsports, Falkner Livingston Racing, Ducati, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Super Sprox, Troy Lee Designs, SHOEI and Helmet House.

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