Pit Bull And KWS Set Top-Speed Records With BMW S1000RR

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From a press release issued by KWS Motorsports

Pit Bull and KWS Motorsports Team Up to Break Top Speed Records with the Fastest BMW S1000RR in America.

Maxton, NC – October, 2010 – Pit Bull and KWS Motorsports joined forces to break the ECTA top speed 1000cc production record (P/P) and the 1000cc modified production (MPS/G) record with rider Chad Millholland. The standing mile top speed competition is sanctioned by the East Coast Timing Association at the abandoned World War II airfield near Maxton, NC and the 1000cc Production (P/P) and Modified (MPS/G) are two of their most hotly contested classes.

This unique event consists of a rider at a dead stop who then accelerates over the mile long course with a goal of having the highest speed through the traps. Horsepower and aerodynamics are the keys to this event, but both are useless without a talented rider. KWS Motorsports enlisted the talents of multi-time record holder Chad Millholland to act as the pilot for their record attempts.

The first record attempt was in the 1000cc Production (P/P) class which allows for unlimited engine modification (standard 1000cc displacement) but the bike must look stock from the outside, including the stock exhaust. Pit Bull and KWS Motorsports selected the new BMW S1000RR as a platform for this record. The BMW makes monster horsepower stock and with a few key modifications, KWS and Pit Bull felt the production record of 190.464 was attainable.

The engine was going to be the most complicated part of this project and KWS Motorsports worked closely with its partners at Web Camshafts to build a new camshaft for the unique valve train of the BMW S1000RR. The new cams required an entirely new spring and retainer system that KWS developed with SuperTech and these new valve train parts worked perfectly with the famous KWS CNC Pro Head. In order to boost power and reliability in the challenging environment of top speed competition KWS developed a set of high compression, light weight pistons with CP and installed a set of ultra strong, light weight H-Beam rods from Carrillo.

Pit Bull focused on the chassis by developing a new Pit Bull Steering Damper kit and new line of sprockets for the S1000RR. Pit Bull also installed a set of Worldwide Ceramic Bearings in the OEM wheels and KWS installed a set of Worldwide Ceramic Bearings in the transmission.

KWS Motorsports sent Michael Godin to tune the BMW at the track. Godin spent the first part of the event setting up the S1000RR to fit Chad and setting up the Pit Bull gearing perfectly for the mile long test of speed. Once the time came for the record setting run, Michael poured in the latest VP MR-12 Racing Fuel and Chad launched the bike down track. To the surprise of everybody involved Millholland shattered the Production 1000cc (P/P) record in his first attempt by almost 12mph with a terminal speed of 202.06505mph!

With the Production record in the bag, KWS Motorsport’s Michael Godin installed a Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen, a more aero dynamic front fender, and a LeoVince Exhaust System and then made an attempt at the 1000cc Modified (MPS/G) record. With a little fine tuning of the aero package and some more horsepower from the LeoVince exhaust system, Millholland was able to go even faster and break the 1000cc Modified (MPS/G) record with a terminal speed of 203.62452mph, making the KWS Built, Pit Bull sponsored S1000RR the fasted BMW in the country!

Chad Millholland – “The Pit Bull/KWS Motorsports BMW S1000RR is an impressive package for sure. It takes a lot of horsepower to get a stock aero package above 200mph and this S1000RR just takes off like a rocket from 12000 rpm to redline. The internal ratios are perfect and the OEM quick shifter is best shifter I have ever used. The whole package is great and the bike was set up perfectly. KWS and Pit Bull run a very professional program and Michael Godin was spot-on all weekend. I can’t thank Kevin, Chip and Charlie enough for giving me the opportunity to ride their bike.“

Kevin Hunt (Team Owner) – “The new BMW S1000RR is an incredible motorcycle in stock form and this project gave us an opportunity to not only build a line of high performance engine parts for the S1000RR, but also test them in a real world environment for both performance and reliability. I can’t thank our friends and partners at Pit Bull enough. We have been racing together and winning for over ten years now and I look forward to many more.”

Chip Spalding (Team Manager) – “We had some great partners with this project that really went above and beyond to help us. Web Camshafts, CP Pistons, Carrillo, and SuperTech all went out of their way to get engine parts made in time. We have been working on this project since April and have over 300 dyno pulls, and Pit Bull Owner Charlie VanValkenburgh made two trips to Bonneville before we settled on the combination we have now. We are still developing parts with our partners in this project, but this latest trip to Maxton helped verify that we are moving in the right direction.”

KWS Motorsports and Pit Bull are proudly sponsored by:
Millennium Technologies, Web Camshafts, CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, VP Racing Fuels, SuperTech, LeoVince Exhaust, Motion Pro, EK Chains, Worldwide Bearing, Spider Grips, Fast Finish, Dumonde Tech Lubricants and Zero Gravity Windscreens.

For Information: http://www.kwsmotorsports.com and www.pit-bull.com

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